Spanish KS4

Year 10 and Year 11 (Mixed Ability)
Text Book: AQA GCSE Higher/Foundation
  • Lifestyle (health, relationship and choices)
  • Leisure (free time and the media, holidays)
  • Home and environment (home and local area, the environment)
  • Work and education (school/college and future plans, current and future jobs)

What is GCSE Spanish all about?

The contexts studied in this course are:-

  • Lifestyle (including Health, Relationships and Choices)
  • Leisure (including Free Time, the Media, Holidays)
  • Home and Environment (including Home / Local Area, the Environment)
  • Work and Education (including School / College and Future Plans, Current and Future Jobs)
GCSE Spanish prepares you equally well for travel to Spanish speaking destinations, using Spanish in the workplace and for continuing your studies of the language at a more advanced level.

What about exams?

There are only two tests in Listening and in Reading, which each account for 20% of your final grade. For Speaking (worth 30%) you will complete two controlled assessments with your Spanish Teacher. For Writing (also worth 30%) you will complete two controlled assessments in class.

What are the entry levels?

There are two tiers or levels for Listening and Reading only – Foundation and Higher, although a mixture of the two is possible. Mixed entries allow you to concentrate on your strongest skills. Speaking and Writing are untiered.

What other skills might I develop?

Learning a language helps to develop self-confidence and broadens your knowledge of daily life, culture and issues in other countries. It also enables a better understanding of the English language, and prepares you for learning other languages – including computer languages!

What could I do next with GCSE Spanish?

GCSE Spanish is highly valued by many employers and in Higher Education where it is necessary to have obtained at least a grade C for entry to many courses. A growing number of students are studying Spanish at AS level in the Sixth Form and knowledge of a foreign language is a huge asset in the job market. A GCSE in a modern language also combines well with vocational subjects, such as Travel and Tourism and Business Studies.