Science KS3

Year 7 Topics

Year 8 Topics

Year 9 Topics

Life Processes – and Body Systems Respiration Inheritance and selection
Cells Digestion Are You Fit? – Health and sport science
Reproduction Microbes Environmental Chemistry – our effect on the environment and the effect of the environment on things we use.
Environment – and feeding relationships Ecology Chemical Reactions – an introduction to chemical patterns
Acids and Alkalis – in nature, at home and in the lab Classification Electric Circuits – and energy transformation
Chemical Change – examples of chemical reactions Atoms – elements and compounds Speed and time
Particles – An introduction to how scientists explain physical processes Changing Earth – and rocks Pressure – on surfaces, in hydraulics and pneumatics
Solutions – dissolving and separating Heating and cooling Start of KS4
Using Energy – and describing energy Light
Magnets – and Electromagnets Sound
Forces Gravity and out into Space

Other ways to get involved in Science at Alde Valley School

Thursday evening STEM club where all sorts of fun and challenging aspects of science are investigated practically. Challenges coming up are:

  • The toy tank challenge
  • Cloning
  • Chemically powered rockets
  • Building a wind powered generator in the summer term
  • Year 8 trip – in March to visit the Big Bang fair at the London Excel Arena
  • Year 9 Science chemistry competition – February – Draw a cartoon strip to show a chemical reaction. Any style, any characters involved, but should help to explain what the atoms are doing as the chemicals react. Prizes will be awarded for the best ones, under two categories, “best drawn cartoon”, “best at showing how a balanced equation works”.
  • Pea or bean experiment at home – In April, this competition is open to any student in Year 7, 8 or 9. Grow a bean or pea at home, collect data about its growth to answer this question. Is the growth steady or does it get taller at different rates depending on its age. Prizes will be awarded for best poster of the experiment, best table and graph, best science explanation for how growth happens.