Music KS4

Syllabus: Edexcel

Areas of Study: Western Classical Music 1600-1899, Music in the 20th Century, Popular Music, World Music

Composition and performance tasks are completed throughout the two year course.

What is GCSE Music all about? 

If you take this course you will be able to perform. This can be on an instrument, using your voice or using a computer. If you are good as an MC or a DJ then you can use these skills as a performance. You will also be able to compose music in any style you like from more traditional to modern.

Who might enjoy this course? 

Anyone who enjoys playing, listening to or composing music or using music technology to play / compose music. The course is not limited to those who can sing or play an instrument already.

What about exams? 

You will perform as a soloist and as part of an Ensemble. You can do this as a traditional performer or using music technology including using MC and DJ Techniques. An ensemble performance can be a multi-tracked recording in which you have recorded and mixed down the performances of others. You will also be tested on two of the compositions you will produce during the course. These can range from club dance to traditional music styles.

What about coursework? 

Yes – this makes up 60% of the final mark and is based on activities throughout the two years and will be based on Performing – either on an instrument or entering notes into a computer. Including MC’ing and DJ’ing You will also compose two pieces of music which will be assessed by your teacher.

Are there any other tests apart from the final exams? 

There will be on written exam at the end of the course in which you will answer questions about set pieces of music taken from four areas of study.
These are:
  • Western Classical Music 1600-1899
  • Music in the Twentieth Century
  • Popular Music in Context
  • World Music

What other skills might I develop? 

Apart from the normal musical skills. You will also develop the skills of co-ordination, team work, evaluation, decision making, self confidence and sensitivity.

What could I do next with GCSE Music? 

You could go on to study Music, Music Technology or Performance Studies at AS and A2 level or you could do a BTEC in Music, Popular Music or Music Technology. It could enable you to pursue a career in the Music Industry, Publishing, Entertainment and Teaching or any job which involves communication and expressive skills.