Further Mathematics 6th Form

Awarding Body


Length of Course 

AS 2 years.

Teaching and Learning Style

Some group teaching as well as individual tutorials, independent study.

The Subject 

This course is designed for talented Mathematicians who are likely to want to study maths at degree level as part of an Engineering or Maths based science course. It will extend your knowledge and understanding of more complex themes. There is a degree of flexibility in tailoring units to suit student’s needs with possible specialisation in pure maths, mechanics or statistics. You will need to be studying A Level Maths. You will also need a very good grade in your GCSE Maths and the commitment to devote your time to the study of a very rigorous and demanding subject. You will be rewarded with a head start in many degree courses.


70% by exam
30% via coursework (Year 13)

Unit Descriptions 

AS Level
Only one unit is completed in Year 12. The remaining two units are completed in Year 13. These units are chosen through consultation with the Head of Maths.
Unit 1: Decision Maths Using mathematical algorithms to solve real world problems, problems such as calculating the shortest route between two points, and maximising profits from an enterprise.

Possible Careers

Actuarial Science, Maths or Science Teaching, Engineering, Maths Research, Careers in Science, Scientific Research, Software Engineer, Town Planning.

Teacher Responsible 

Mr M Corbett