Mathematics 6th Form

Curriculum followed 2013/14
 Subject: MathematicsAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 12 and 13A Level:


Students successful with a good B grade or above at GCSE higher mathematics and a willingness to work hard will be welcome on this course.

AS mathematics comprises of the following three modules with an exam for each in the summer term:

  • Core 1 – Introduction to Advanced Mathematics – extending GCSE topics past A and A* level without using a calculator.
  • Core 2 – Concepts for Advanced Mathematics – extending sequences and trigonometry and introducing calculus and logarithms.
  • Decision 1 (Taught alternate years) – using mathematical algorithms to solve real world problems.

Those wishing to take the full A level will study three more modules in the second year:

  • Core 3 – Methods for Advanced Mathematics – extending C2 concepts and a coursework task
  • Core 4 – Applications of Advanced Mathematics – extending and applying previous learning and introducing vectors.
  • Statistics 1 (Taught alternate years)- exploring data and its presentation, probability, binomial distribution and hypothesis testing.

Exams are taken in the summer term. The final grade is awarded from the results of all six modules.

Awarding Body


Length of Course

AS: 1 year

A2: 1 year (to make a full A Level)

Teaching and Learning Style

Direct teaching, investigation and consolidation of new topics.

The Subject

At A Level, Maths students learn to recognise the key elements in real life problems and to develop solutions in an organised and efficient way. Employers value these skills, knowing they can be used in many diverse situations. Core Maths is the study of the rules and structures that make maths consistent and powerful. You will develop techniques and ideas in the use of these rules. Applied Maths is all about solving real life problems, such as making informed decisions, analysing statistical data and the mechanics of moving or stationary bodies.


By end of module examination with related coursework in Year 13.

Unit Descriptions

AS Level

  • Unit 1: Statistics Broad range of statistical themes many from GCSE Maths and only slightly extended
  • Unit 2: Core Unit 1 Using and extending GCSE themes in algebra, geometry and trigonometry
  • Unit 3: Core Unit 2
  • Applied Unit: Statistics 1, Decision Maths 1, Mechanics 1 may be taught at AS level. Building on the work of core one and also introducing differentiation and integration
A2 Level
  • Units: Core 3. Core 4. A second Applied Maths Unit is taught at A2 level

Possible Careers

Statistician, Maths or Physics Teacher, Accountancy, all branches of Engineering, Software Programmer.

Teacher Responsible

Mr M Corbett