History KS4

What is GCSE History all about?

Your course will involve:

  • A study of Medicine and Health through the Ages
  • The American West 1840-95
  • A modern world study: International Terrorism

Who might enjoy this course?

You will enjoy this course if you want to study a subject that involves learning about and discussing the kind of historical changes that have shaped today’s world. You like studying history from the ancient world-Egyptian Mummies and Greek Gods, to the Modern World of WWII and terrorism. If you like putting forward a well developed point of view and don’t mind reading, then you will enjoy History.

What about exams?

There are two papers. The first paper is 2 hours on Medicine Through Time and the American West. The second paper lasts 1 ½ hours and is on a theme from Medicine through Time.

What are the entry levels?

Currently there is one tier of entry.

What about controlled Assessment?

Yes – this makes up 25% of the final mark and is based on activities throughout the two years and will be based on:

  • An assignment on International Terrorism

Are there any other tests apart from the final exams?


What other skills might I develop?

As well as learning about history, from Ancient Egyptian times right through to today, the course will enable you to improve your skills in communication, working with others, improving your own learning and performance and problem solving. Studying History encourages you to produce well reasoned arguments, based on the evaluation of evidence. These skills are for life.

What could I do next with GCSE History?

There are many things you can do with a GCSE in History. You can choose to continue with the study of History by taking AS in the Sixth Form or you could use your skills and knowledge to support other AS courses. If you go on to do the full A2 level then this could lead to careers in Law, Business, Journalism, Teaching and Archaeological Research to name but a few. History shows you have a high level of literacy and that you are able to analyse complex information. These skills are highly valued by college and employers.