Geography KS4

Year Group

Autumn Term Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 10

GCSE AQA SPECIFICATION B The Urban Environment The Coastal Environment and Controlled Assessment

Year 11

Energy in the 21st Century controlled assessment and Living with Natural Hazards

Global Tourism Revision of all GCSE work and preparation for examinations

What is GCSE Geography all about?

It’s about the world you live in now and about how it might be in the future. It deals with issues faced by people all over the world.

  • What will our coastline look like in future years? How will this affect people here and around the world?
  • What causes natural hazards like earthquakes, volcanoes, tropical storms and wildfires? How do these hazards affect people?
  • How does the increase in tourism affect places like Aldeburgh?
  • How are people harming our environment and what can we do about it?
  • What energy sources will be sustainable for us in the future?
  • How can technology help us solve our problems?

Who might enjoy this course?

This is a new GCSE course which has been developed to make Geography a more interesting and relevant course than ever before:

  • It deals with what’s going on in the world now and how it will affect all of our futures
  • It focuses on the environment and how people can affect it
  • It involves practical work outside the classroom
  • It is studied through research and investigation, not just listening and reading
  • It is great for developing a full range of skills that will be useful in other subjects and in further education or employment

What about exams?

There are two written exam papers each worth 37.5% of the overall GCSE, both will be taken in Year 11.

What are the entry levels?

There are two levels, Foundation and Higher.

What about coursework?

Yes, but in a totally different way than before. You will complete a fieldwork task in Year 10 based on our local area and a research task in Year 11. These will be assessed under timed, controlled conditions and are worth 25% of the total GCSE.

What other skills might I develop?

Geography is packed full of skills. It teaches you how to research and organise information from various sources, then how to present your work. It will teach you how to read maps. You will use ICT in presenting your work and will be able to increase your skills.

What could I do next with GCSE Geography?

Almost anything! Biology, Environmental Sciences, Journalism, Planning, Law, Engineering, Teaching, Business Studies, Travel and Tourism are all possible career areas – in fact as Michael Palin says, ‘Without Geography, you’re Nowhere!’