Geography KS3

Year 7

Autumn Half Term 1 Discovering the British Isles Initial Assessment

  • Map work
  • Settlement
Autumn Half Term 2
  • Weather
  • Agriculture


How does East Anglia compare to the rest of Britain?

Spring Half Term 1 Discovering Planet Earth
  • Continents and oceans
  • Plate Tectonics
Spring Half Term 2
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes


Montserrat evacuation leaflet

Summer Half Term 1 Exploiting Planet Earth
  • Resources
  • Energy
Summer Half Term 2 The Geography of Chewing Gum
  • Industrial Activity
  • Globalisation
  • Environmental issues


Local Investigation: The problem of chewing gum

Year 8

Autumn Half Term 1 Discovering the Movements of Goods and People Initial Assessment

  • Tourism
Autumn Half Term 2
  • Ethical shopping
  • The geography of Football/Fashion


Globalisation test

Spring Half Term 1 Discovering Ecosystems
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Global warming
Spring Half Term 2
  • Antarctica


Preparing for Exploration

Summer Half Term 1 Discovering Europe
  • Physical Europe
  • The European Union
Summer Half Term 2 Discovering Shrinking Britain
  • Coasts


Coasts newspaper and news report, Dunwich

Year 9

Autumn Half Term 1 Discovering the Indian Subcontinent Initial Assessment

  • Development
  • Population
Autumn Half Term 2
  • Managing Populations
  • Migration
  • Megacities


Case Study of Mumbai, India

Spring Half Term 1 Discovering the Development Gap LDC project BRICs/ RDCs/

MEDC project

Controlled assessment

“Measuring the gap”

Spring Half Term 2 The Geography of Conflict
Summer Half Term 1 Water on the Land (Rivers)
Summer Half Term 2 Are Music Festivals Sustainable?


Year 7: Discovering Planet Earth

Year 7 will Discover Planet Earth this term, understanding the world’s distribution of continents and oceans before investigating the Earth beneath us including plate tectonics, continental drift and the causes of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Your progress will be monitored throughout and at the end of the unit with a case study based assessment.


Year 8: Discovering Vital Ecosystems

Year 8 will be discovering the world’s ecosystems with particular emphasis on Tropical Rainforests. As well as understanding the climate, geographical location and structure, you will investigate the complex systems and cycles that occur in these unique habitats and why they are so essential to life on Earth.


Year 9: Discovering the Development Gap

Year 9 take a look in detail at the differences between the richest and poorest parts of the world. The unit will begin with an individual project on a less developed country of choice, moving on to analyse the social, environmental and economic differences with the more developed world. Particular emphasis is placed on development as an active process in the world today, taking a look at recently developed and industrialised counties.