Ethics and Philosophy KS4







Unit 8

  • Environmental and Medical issues
  • Global warming, natural resources, pollution
  •  Religious views to stewardship
  • Infertility treatments, transplant surgery
  •  Arguments for and against IVF and transplant surgery
  • Religious views about IVF and transplant surgery
  • Peace and Conflict
  • The UN, just war theory, realism and pacifism, reasons for wars
  • Religious views to war
  • Bullying, conflict and reconciliation
  • Crime and Punishment
  •  Law and justice, theories of punishment
  •  Religious views to capital punishment
  • Laws on drugs and alcohol, social and health problems related to drugs and alcohol
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  •  Christian authorities for moral decision making
  • Human rights, democratic process
  • Religious views to human rights
  • Genetic engineering, cloning, germline therapy
  • Religious views on genetic engineering



Unit 2

  • Matters of Life and Death
  • Life after death, abortion and euthanasia
  • Religious views on matters of life and death
  • The media and the matters of life and death
  • Believing in God
  • Reasons for believing: upbringing, experience, classical arguments, prayers
  • Reasons for not believing: scientific explanations, unanswered prayers and evil and suffering
  • Religious responses to evil and suffering
  • The media and belief
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Marriage, family life, sex, divorce, homosexuality and contraception
  • Religious attitudes to the above ethical issues
  • Religion and Community Cohesion
  • Roles of men and women, the UK multi ethnic and faith society
  • Religious views on roles of men and women in society and in religion
  • Religions and community cohesion
  • The media and community cohesion
Intensive revision for exams


Ethics and Philosophy is one of the fastest growing subjects in the UK. At Alde Valley School it is delivered through Edexcel as a full course and students will gain a GCSE grade at the end of Year 11 by completing two distinct units A and H. The syllabus offers a variety of philosophical inquiries and contemporary ethical/moral issues. It is specifically designed to develop students’ debating skills, which are a necessary component of assessment objectives in the majority of subjects at Key Stage 4 and especially in Sixth Form.


The course is 100% examined.


Unit A – Life

  • Belief – why people believe or do not believe, the problem of evil and suffering
  • Matters of Life and Death – the afterlife, abortion and euthanasia
  • Marriage and the Family – family life, divorce, contraception, homosexuality and sex
  • Community cohesion – the issues of racism and sexism

Unit H – Society

  • Rights and responsibilities – how do we make moral decisions, human rights and genetic engineering
  • Environmental and medical issues – the environmental issues, IVF and transplant surgery
  • Peace and conflict – the United Nations, conflict and just war theory and bullying
  • Crime and punishment – the link between law and justice, capital punishment and laws on drugs and alcohol

What could I do next with the GCSE?

The opportunity to take Philosophy and Ethics at AS / A2 in Sixth Form.