English Literature KS4

Year 10 Term One Year 10 Term Two Year 10 Term Three
English Literature: Unit 3 Controlled assessment Shakespeare and contemporary Drama 25%

Close study and film adaptation of ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestley.

Completion of a character essay in examination conditions.

Close study of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with particular focus on the opening scene. Compare Shakespeare’s language and action with Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation.

Completion of a comparative essay in examination conditions.

Unit 1: examination

Homework questions and revision linked to ‘Animal Farm’ (taught at the end of Year 9).

English Literature: Unit 1 Understanding Prose 50% Reading and close study of the set novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck. Links to social/historical period of the Great Depression. Continue Animal Farm revision for homework.

Unit 2: Poetry examination 25%

After February half-term begin preparing the poems from the Edexcel poetry anthology ‘Clashes and Collisions’.

English Literature: Units 1 & 2

Unit 2: complete study of all 15 poems from the anthology. Practice exam-style essay questions.

Unit 1: Practice questions linked to ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’.

Final examinations in late May.

Controlled assessment (Unit 3) submitted in May.

Literature results come out in August.

June and July: completion of solo, discussion and drama speaking assessments in preparation for the English Language Unit 3 (to be continued and completed in Year 11).


Year 11 Term One Year 11 Term Two Year 11 Term Three
English Language Unit 1: controlled assessment 20% Study of two media texts (website/leaflet/newspaper article/ Facebook page etc.). Completion of a comparative essay in examination conditions. Completion of a writing task linked to the media topic – examination conditions.

From November begin preparation of Unit 3 (see next column)

English Language Unit 3: 40% Controlled assessments and Spoken Language study 10%

Study of two examples of formal and informal spoken language. Completion of an analytical essay in examination conditions.

Writing For the Spoken Word 10% writing a script, podcast or speech in examination conditions.

Speaking and Listening Tasks 20% already completed at the end of Year 10 but can be re-taken to improve grade.

After February, Half-term revisit ‘Of Mice and Men’.

English Language Unit 2: The Writer’s Voice 40% Examination early June. Section A: Study of a set extract from ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck. Analysed for the style, structure and literary techniques of the writer. Students then must choose their own extract to complete a similar exercise.

Section B: choice of two writing tasks – article, letter, website, leaflet etc.


What is GCSE English Literature all about?

This course is taught alongside English Language and focuses on the study of a variety of literary texts.


Who might enjoy this course?

English Literature is studied by all pupils as it complements the English Language course and many of the skills, and some of the texts, overlap. There is a high success level in examinations.


What about exams?

There are two written examinations. One is taken at the end of Year 10 which makes up 50% of the final mark. It is based on the close study of the novellas Animal Farm by George Orwell and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The other examination is also taken at the end of Year 10 and makes up 25% of the final mark. This is based on the close study of a collection of poems linked to the theme of ‘Clashes and Conflicts’.


What are the entry levels?

There are two levels – Foundation (C-G) and Higher (A*-D).


What about coursework/other tests?

Coursework, or a controlled assessment, makes up 25% of the final mark and is based on one paper submitted at the end of Year 10. This assessment is completed in school through written tasks that are given a set time limit and are supervised by the teacher. Students are prepared for these assessments in class and they are allowed bullet pointed notes to help them write their responses. The controlled assessment for literature is linked to Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and the modern film adaptation and the play An lnspector Calls by JB Priestley.
*Please note that coursework is no longer allowed to be taken home to complete and all students must attend the controlled assessments at the same time.
English Literature is completed and submitted at the end of Year 10 and a final grade released in the August. This allows the students to develop their GCSE skills through the Literature course and allows them to concentrate on English Language in Year 11.


What other skills might I develop?

To research and discuss ideas, also close reading.

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