English KS3

Year 7

Year 7 Term One (a) Me, mine, myself… Autobiography and childhood. Study of a range of autobiographical texts and creative writing.
Year 7 Term One (b) Functional and persuasive writing. Researching a controversial subject – discursive essay, persuasive speech.
Year 7 Term Two (a) Class novel: either Skellig, Private Peaceful, Philosopher’s Stone, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Developing close analysis of the writer’s style.
Year 7 Term Two (b) Creative Writing. BBC 500-word short story competition. Analysing and writing poetry.
Year 7 Term Three (a) Introducing Media. Creating and marketing a product for the Dragon’s Den.
Year 7 Term Three (b) Introduction to Shakespeare. Researching and creating a ‘Horrible History’ booklet linked to ‘The Smelly Elizabethans’.


Year 8

Year 8 Term One (a) Class Novel: The Outsiders Writing, analysing and speaking tasks.
Year 8 Term One (b) The Outsiders (continued)
Year 8 Term Two (a) Media Analysis and functional writing. Analysing Charity leaflets and designing their own.
Year 8 Term Two (b) Other Cultures text: Play version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Persuasive article.
Year 8 Term Three (a) To Kill a Mockingbird (continued)
Year 8 Term Three (b) Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Close study of Lady Macbeth.


Year 9

Year 9 Term One (a) Gothic Madness: Haunted House descriptive writing. Study of The Tell-Tale Heart
Year 9 Term One (b) Clashes and Collisions: War poetry/ prose. Titanic research / newspaper article.
Year 9 Term Two (a) Literary Heritage: Writing about Britain – Dickens, Conan Doyle, Blake, Wordsworth.
Year 9 Term Two (b) Literary Heritage: Writing about Britain (continued)
Year 9 Term Three (a) Introduction to GCSE Language Curriculum: Media – Peta/Go Veggie articles. Comparative essay.
Year 9 Term Three (b) Begin GCSE Literature Curriculum: Set novel – Animal Farm. Reading for character and plot.