Drama KS4

Example of a KS4 Drama Unit 3

Example of a KS4 Drama Unit 3

Year 10 term 1 Year 10 term 2 Year 10 term 3
Intro to Drama strategies – a series of exercises

Drama texts (range of starting points as stimuli) ‘Into the Woods’ choral and physical theatre work ‘Haunted Lift’ choral and physical theatre work

‘The Birthday Party’


‘Inspector Calls’ image to create sound scapes

Use of image to stimulate drama. ‘Another Day in Paradise’ Phil Collins Frantic Assembly Workshop’ ‘Light seekers and Low Runners’ (mask work and movement) Mock Unit 1 exploration ‘Protest’ GCSE Unit 1 Exploration of the theme ‘Childhood’ using a variety of sources. This is assessed through practical workshop and a 2,000-word essay


Year 11 term 1 Year 11 term 2 Year 11 term 3
GCSE Unit 2A theatre review of a play – 2,000 words Exploration of the play ‘Blood Brothers’ through practical Drama and a 1,000-word essay. GCSE Unit 3. Students work towards a rehearsed piece of drama performed to an external examiner and audience in March/April Course is complete

What is GCSE Drama all about? 

Drama is essentially a practical ‘experience’, concerned with imagination and communications. It is an intellectual, practical and artistic subject which has its roots in exploration through improvisation, but looks at plays written by other people.

Who might enjoy this course?

Any student who has enjoyed Year 9 Drama and enjoyed practical performing work and likes working with others. This is largely a practical course, although some written work is required. You will experience live performance as a member of an audience. 

What about exams?

quote 3
Unit 3-A devised or scripted play performed to an audience and visiting examiner (40%)

What are the entry levels?

All are entered at the same level. 

What about coursework?

Yes – this makes up 60% of the final mark and is based on two workshops.
  • Unit 1, Exploration (Devised) is assessed in Summer Term of Year 10 including a 2,000 word document
  • Unit 2, Assessed in Autumn Term of Year 11. You will explore and respond to a complete play text and be assessed on your practical work and 1,000 word document. You will also travel to London to watch a play / musical for a 2,000 word review.

Are there any other tests apart from the final exams?

Units 1 and 2 are assessed throughout the course. 

What other skills might I develop?

Communication skills, performance skills problem solving and working with others. Sensitivity and self-confidence will develop through the medium of drama. 

What could I do next with GCSE Drama?

Progress to AS/A2 in Drama and Theatre Studies.