Chemistry AS/A2 Level

Awarding Body


Length of Course

AS 1 year
A2 2 years 

Teaching and Learning Style

Printed notes to guide students through each unit with examples and practice questions, practicals throughout.

The Subject

Chemistry is concerned with the man-made and natural world around us. It teaches the basic principles of physical, organic and inorganic chemistry and develops practical skills in observing and analysing reactions. There is great emphasis on practical work and on developing an understanding of the link between theory and experiment.


75% by exam
25% coursework

Unit Descriptions

AS Level
Unit 1: Atoms, Bonds and Groups
  • Atoms and reactions
  • Electrons, bonding and structure
  • The Periodic Table
Unit 2: Chains, energy and resources
  • Basic concepts and hydrocarbons
  • Alcohols, halogenoalkanes and hydrocarbons
  • Energy
  • Resources
Unit 3: Practical Skills in Chemistry 1
A2 Level
Unit 4: Rings, polymers and analysis
  • Rings, acids and amines
  • Polymers and synthesis
  • Analysis
Unit 5: Equilibria, energetics and elements
  • Rates, equilibrium and pH
  • Energy
  • Transition elements
Unit 6: Practical Skills in Chemistry 2 

Possible Careers

All branches of Chemistry from Analytical to Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Veterinary, Medicine, Dentistry, Food Chemistry and many more.

Teacher Responsible

Mr D Mayhew