Art KS4



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Introduction to course structure and Assessment ObjectivesObservational Drawing in different media



Artist Reference

Experimental paint textures


IDENTITY – a personalised project following students own focus for identity.Different workshops will be delivered to encourage exploration and development of individualised projects in a variety of materials and techniques to cover the 4 Assessment Objectives.

DECEMBER – Mock Timed Test


Exam Unit

Timed Test

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What is GCSE Art all about?

You will be learning:-
  • How ideas, feeling and meanings are conveyed in images and artifacts
  • A range of art craft and design processes in two or three dimensions, including information and communication technology
  • How images and artifacts relate to social, historical and cultural context
  • A variety of approaches, methods and intentions and the contribution of contemporary artists from different cultures to continuity and change in art, craft and design

Who might enjoy this course?

Anyone who is prepared to experiment and meet deadlines. Art is not an easy option. It requires a committed approach to the preparation and completion of all coursework, by building up a good portfolio of work as well as a mandatory commitment to keep a weekly work journal.

What about exams?

The exam consists of a set theme which you are given 8 weeks before the controlled test. In this time you are expected to research/collect information, take photographs, make sketches in preparation and keep a work journal. There is a final timed test of 10 hours in which your ideas are put together into a final presentation piece of work.
The exam – with preparation – represents 40% of the overall mark.

What are the entry levels?

There is a single level of entry. 

What about coursework?

All coursework is assessed and should consist of a portfolio of work and work journal, this represents 60% of the final mark.

Are there any other tests apart from the final exams?

No. The final exam unit represents 40% of the final mark.

What other skills might I develop?

The chance to expand your imagination and be creative, and become visually literate.

What could I do next with GCSE Art?

Progress to A Level and AS Level Art in the Sixth Form. You could also progress to further courses at college.