NEWSFLASH! The Dora Love Prize 2018 UPDATE!

Dora Love – Press Release

A group of Alde Valley Academy students drawn from years 8, 9 and 10 are celebrating after being named joint winners of this year’s Dora Love Prize. Run by the University of Essex, the prize is named after a Holocaust survivor who dedicated the later years of her life to fighting the intolerance, discrimination and hatred that made the Holocaust possible. A range of schools from East Anglia and Essex competed to create a response to this year’s theme of ‘The Power of Words’, which was introduced at a day-long workshop at the University including a memorable lecture from Frank Bright, a Holocaust survivor who made his home in Britain after the war.
The project is owned and created by the students, who have taken a highly artistic approach to support a programme designed to make younger students aware of the power of words in shaping attitudes of intolerance and exclusion – in other words, making the Holocaust relevant to today in a child-friendly way.

A life-size artefact takes shape!

The group announced itself to the school during the Remembrance Day assembly, and has since worked hard to develop workshops with the local primary school themed on stereotypes and gender equality, whilst simultaneously developing four artefacts to support work with the lower school. In the short term, the focal point of their work will be the Power and Words open evening at the school on 21st February, where the completed project will be part of a showcase of achievement across the curriculum. Thereafter, the project will be an effective tool to make lower school students aware of the relevance of the Holocaust to today, allowing students to explore social issues and express their understanding in a challenging and creative way.

Stars of David will carry words of exclusion and hatred.


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