New Governance Structure

Bright Tribe Trust has been carrying out a review of governance arrangements across all of its academies and it has been confirmed that new governance arrangements will be put in place from 1st September.

This means that in place of our current governing body, we will instead have a new structure of regional Accountability Review and Challenge Groups. Each of these groups will be responsible for the performance of a regional group of academies and will report to the trust board.

In addition, each academy will set up a Drive Team. These teams will consist of local parent, student, staff and community representatives, invited by the Principal, to drive tactical projects and improvements within an individual academy as well as working to improve community engagement and involvement.

Bright Tribe has had extremely positive feedback from the DfE regarding this new structure and we are confident that this will be of enormous benefit to our academy in terms of sharing best practice with the other academies in the trust and continuing to drive improvement in the academy.

Visit our governance page for more information.