GCSE Art students working with Ipswich Art School Gallery

All Year 10 Art & Design students from Alde Valley Academy have had the wonderful opportunity to visit and work with the Social Textiles exhibition of contemporary African textiles at the Art School Gallery in Ipswich.

The students made some drawings from the work on display and from these initial studies came up with some of their own ideas. Since going to the show, the students have concentrated all of their art time (as well as a good deal of after school and lunchtimes) on producing their own large scale pieces of work. A very wide range of techniques have been employed to complete the work including, drawing, painting, projecting, digital photography and digital textile printing as well as stencilling and screen printing.

The quality, range and excitement of the work the students have made is really impressive. Their projects will be completed very soon as the Colchester and Ipswich museum service have agreed to display the students’ finished work in the Art School Gallery alongside the African textiles that inspired them!

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