Great East Swim – the results!

A group of Leiston teenagers from Alde Valley Academy have been taking part in the Suffolk Sport Sportivate programme with a goal of taking part in the Great East Swim in Alton Water. It was a 12 week programme of a weekly pool session where they had a range of abilities from fairly able swimmers, (who had lapsed their participation,) to some who could only just swim 25 metres.  None of whom had ever swum in a cold water lake (with ducks/swans) or wearing a wetsuit !

In late June they all went and achieved their goals, completing either the ½ mile or the mile swim at Alton Water. 13 students took part on the day and all achieved it with no problems and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has given them confidence in many aspects. They were a great group and very supportive to each other throughout the whole programme, some of which also had the immense challenge of juggling GCSE exams in this period.

This who took part in the programme were :-

Chelsea Ingram (half mile in 35m 39s)

Alice Messenger (half mile in 26m 01s)

Amberlee Lamb-Miley (half mile in 20m 07s)

Aiesha Agnew (half mile in 20m 39s)

Lauren Steel (half mile in 21m 05s)

Bethany Hall (half mile in 21m 07s)

Elle Cook (half mile in 14m 21s)

Lilith Hudson (1 mile in 39m.50s)

Marcie Tye (1 mile in 35m.40s)

Lauren Bell (half mile in 16m 27s)

Jordanne Buggs (half mile 36m 51s)

Hannah Baggott (half mile in 20m 42s)

Christopher Fuller (half mile in 17m 50s)

Lizzie Thurston (who sadly had to drop out of the training due to glandular fever)