Yr 10 Mock Interview Day

Year 10 Mock Interviews – a letter from an employer.

I wanted to take the opportunity  to give feedback about the day and in particular the students I met with that day.  I was delighted to be involved with the event and to have the opportunity to gain an insight into how young people perceive a career in health and social care.  I was very impressed with all of the applicants.  Inevitably some were more confident than others and able to articulate their views and aspirations quite readily.  However, even those who were less able to express themselves on paper or  in the interview setting; were able with prompting to articulate the values and attitudes that one would hope to see in all people wishing to gain employment in this sector.  All of the students I met were smartly turned out, polite and appeared to take the process seriously.  I congratulate them for making a positive  impression and being fine ambassadors for your school.

Kind regards


Cathy OBrien

Deputy Head of Care

Seckford Almshouses