Part-time child employment & the law

Part-time child employment & the lawPart-time work for school age childrenIf you are 13 years old or older you can get a part-time job. There are however a number of rules about when you can work, and how long you can work for:You can only work between 7am and 7pm.On school days you can only work for two hours, but not during the school day.You can only work for a maximum of 12 hours each week.On Saturdays and during school holidays you’re allowed to work for 5 hours a day if you are between 13 and 15 years of age, and for 8 hours a day if you’re over 15 years old.  On Sundays if you’re aged 13 – 15 you can only work for 2 hours a day.Here are some examples of work you are allowed to do:Light work in shops or garden centres.Light work in agriculture/horticulture.Delivering newspapers.Office work.Car washing by hand.Shampooing and sweeping up in a hairdressing salon.Waiting at tables.Some work with animals.In a cafe or restaurant.In riding stables.A work permit will be required for all the types of work listed above. If the job you want to do is not shown above, please ring 01473 265195 to find out more information.Download work permit application form.Download child employment information leaflet for parents and carers.For full details of what employment school children can or cannot do, read the Suffolk Byelaws on the Employment of Children 1998.Performance licences and chaperone licencesAll school age children will need a licence if they are going to take part in a public performance, for example modelling or a theatre production.Any adult who wants to look after a child/group of children taking part in a performance or activity must apply for a chaperone licence. You need to have a licence because during the time that the child/group is with you, you become legally responsible for their health and welfare.For more information and application forms, go to the performance licence and chaperone licence web page.Further informationChild Employment OfficeSuffolk County CouncilEndeavour House8 Russell RoadIpswichSuffolk IP1 2BXTelephone: 01473 265195